Alexander (Sacha) Babuta is Head of the Centre for Emerging Technology and Security. His research interests include the applications of artificial intelligence and data science for UK security and policing, the regulation of investigatory powers, and the psychology of criminal offending.

Prior to joining The Alan Turing Institute, Sacha worked within the UK Government as Senior Policy Advisor and AI Futures Lead at the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, and before this as Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), where he led the institute's research on national security, technology and digital policing. He has given evidence to various parliamentary inquiries at UK and EU level, and his work has featured in mainstream media outlets such as the BBC, Financial Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph and others.

He is Chair of the Essex Police Data Ethics Committee and Vice-Chair of the Essex Centre for Data Analytics Data Ethics Committee, Associate Fellow at the University of Bristol, and Research Associate at the National Centre for Gang Research (University of West London). He holds an MSc with Distinction in Crime Science from University College London (UCL), where his research explored the use of data science methods for police risk assessment of missing children. He also holds a first class Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from UCL. He is currently completing a Doctorate in Criminology, critically assessing data-driven approaches to offender risk assessment.